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Use your PC, PDA, access the Internet, read mail, from your own bed!

Watch movies and TV in 3D, play 3D video games, while you rest!

Have you Sleep Apnea? Do you Snore?

So, this Pillow is for You !

You do Walk Straight, like this…

Do you walk Twisted? NO!!...

So, why do you sleep Twisted?

To sleep Twisted with a pillow, under your head, deforms your spine during all your life !

To Snore reduces the oxygen in the Blood and in the Brain: reducing your mental power and life time !

So, to relief and to reduce the problems of Sleep Apnea and Snoring we have invented the Orthopaedic, Anti-Snoring, Anti-Apnea and Anti-Ageing Pillow.

This Pillow is an Invention Patent registered worldwide.

EP1804623 - All the European Union Countries
CA2580262 - Canada
PT103191 - Portugal
AU2005285551 - Australia
US2008092908 - United States of America
OAMI000732896 - European Countries
Thailand, Macau, Korea, ...

This Pillow is recommended for the persons that have problems of Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Orthopaedics and Pathological Ageing. Because, it allows you to sleep with your Vertebral Spine totally straight and with your respiratory system completely opened, even if you are sleeping on your back (with your belly up) or turned to your right or left, sides.

It should be used by ALL PERSONS (Children, Adults, senior persons, Patients) and, also, by the persons with the problems of Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Just because, with our Pillow, when you sleep on your back, you really do not have ANYTHING under your head, only when you sleep turned to your right side or left side.

Silver Medal on the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2008 !


The Anti-Snoring, Anti-Apnea and Anti-Ageing Pillow.

Your Solution for Snoring, Apnea and Ageing.

Did you know that in First Aid, to open the respiratory system of a patient in the event of Medical Emergency: the patients are positioned, by the doctors, on the back (with the belly upwards) with the Body and the Head on the same level in the horizontal position?!

Did you know that when we have spine problems (fractures, lesions...) or we have surgeries on the Vertebral Column or the Vertebrae, the Medicine recommends for the post-operation to sleep horizontally, on the back, without ANYTHING under the head?!

Did you know that during the medical surgeries, the patients who are positioned horizontally, on the back, cannot have ANYTHING under the head, to allow a better irrigation of blood in the brain and to allow an easier breathing?!

Medical Science shows that when you sleep with your belly upwards, you do not need anything under your head! So…

Sleeping on the back, belly upwards, NOTHING under the head !

Sleeping to the right side or to the left side. Only here, we need the Pillow !

This Pillow is Exclusive, because it is protected by Invention Patents, Trademarks and Models of Design! All the Copies are Illegal and sanctionable by the Law.

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